Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Fall!!! 

  Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to our neighboring community, CHARIHO, as they struggle to support each other over the loss of one of their own students this week. EWG wishes them love and support at such a difficult time. 

   It is hard to believe September is over and we are into Fall. I hope you all get a chance to come out and see our 3-0 Football team this weekend. There is nothing like fall football and our team is looking great. For that matter, all of our sports teams are enjoying a fun filled season. 

  I am including a flyer regarding a training everyone is welcome to attend on social emotional learning.  The skills that will be taught help our students to be stronger people and students. 

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

EWG Senior High Core Values

I hope you have heard your children talking about the Senior High Core Values and beliefs. If not, I am sharing them below. They were reviewed with each class at the beginning of the year handbook meetings and are being highlighted each week around one specific core value. We try to infuse them in every situation and opportunity we can.  


RESPONSIBILITY  The opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization or an ethical obligation to behave correctly toward or in respect of.
·         Be On Time   Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.
·         Be Prepared  Arrive prepared for the task at hand including knowledge skills, and equipment needed to complete the task.
·         Follow Instructions  When given a task, follow instructions and do what you are supposed to do.
·         Complete the Task  Successfully complete any task.
·         Self-Monitor  Track your own progress towards achieving goals, grades, and completing tasks.
·         Follow Basic Rules  Follow the basic rules and norms of the organization while expressing yourself in your own individual way.
·         Return Borrowed Items  Always return borrowed items to whom/where they belong.
·         Accept Responsibility for Actions  Own your own behavior, even when it is embarrassing or regrettable.

          RESPECT  A feeling of deep regard for someone or something elicited by his or her abilities, qualities, or achievements.
·         Communicate  Demonstrate respect for others when communicating either by speaking, listening or electronically.
·         Practice Good Classroom Behavior  Act appropriately in the classroom so as not to disrupt the learning and accomplishments of others.
·         Use Equipment Properly  Use equipment appropriately, safely, and return it to its appropriate location after use.
·         Address Each Other Appropriately  Address each other or refer to each other using appropriate names or nicknames.
·         Dress appropriately The high school is made up of a community of diverse students, dress appropriately for this learning community

INTEGRITY  The quality of being honest and maintaining high ethical standards.
            Personal Integrity
·         Be Honest   Speak the truth, and whenever possible, do so with kindness.
·         Do the Right Thing  Before taking action, take a moment to consider if the action is appropriate for the circumstance.  When taking action, always try to ‘do the right thing’.
            Academic Integrity
·         Submit Your Own Work  When submitting work, submit only work that is original, and from your own effort.  Do not submit work that is copied from others, including other students, websites, and/or electronic communications (unless properly cited).
·         Do Not Share Tests, Quizzes, and/or Graded Work  Do not share graded work including copying, photographing, or electronic communications.
·         NO Unauthorized Assistance During Tests and Quizzes etc.  Tests and quizzes are to be taken without unauthorized assistance such as “peeking”, talking, notes, cell phones, electronic communications, and/or prior unauthorized access to the test.

          KINDNESS   The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
·         Be Helpful  Offer to help others in small ways as well as large ways.
·         Say Thank You  Show appreciation by saying “thank you”, or in some other way.
·         Lend or Share  Show kindness by lending or sharing your things with others, but beware of lending or sharing in a way that promotes the irresponsibility of others.
·         Apologize  Apologize when you have hurt someone or act in a way that may have been offensive
PERSEVERANCE  Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
·         Set Goals  Set goals or take on tasks that are outside of your comfort zone.
·         Show Effort and Energy  When taking on a challenging task, put forth the effort and energy necessary to work towards accomplishing your goals, and/or to become a valued member of your chosen groups, teams, and communities.
·         Expect Adversity  Expect adversity and difficulty in attaining your goals, and view “failure” as a temporary setback or as a learning experience.
·         Take Ownership  Find ways to overcome failure, setbacks, or problems rather than make excuses for them.
·         Be Independent  Do not let others distract you or prevent you from attaining your goals.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Great First Day with the Class of 2021

Day one is down with the class of 2021 and they are an amazing class. Parents should be so proud of your children. They were respectful, kind and I hope learned a great deal about their new school. I am including some of the pictures from their day. I hope everyone enjoys seeing them as much as I enjoyed experiencing it with them.

Thank you to everyone that helped make the day a good one for the class. Special thanks to our VASSA students and senior leaders for helping with the students. They loved it!! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Looking forward to a great 2017-2018 school year

Summer is over and school is starting and I just can't wait for this school year. The class of 2021 is starting tomorrow with the rest of the students starting on Wednesday. We have some of the best teachers in the state (#5 out of 53 high schools) and they are ready to whatever it takes to help each and every student be successful at EWG High. I am so optimistic and so happy to be working with such a dedicated group of adults. And I mean every single person that our students come in contact with including the Maintenance people, custodians, grounds keeper and the clerical personnel that do so many things that go unseen that make every day for the children at EWG a good one.
We have many great things that will be going on this year and I will bring them to you here as often as I can so you are in the know.
Please feel free to contact me anytime via email at susan_chandler@ewg.k12.ri.us or call 397-6893 ext 203. I love to hear from you and need to hear from you. I do not know it all and make mistakes like any other human and look for any feedback I can get to improve or to improve the experience for your children.

Below is a copy of the High School Mission Statement, Core Values and Beliefs about Student Learning. I hope you will begin to hear more about them from your children as we will be trying to keep them at the core of what we do at the high school. Again, more to come....


The mission of the Exeter-West Greenwich Senior High School is to graduate young adults with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to achieve their goals and become responsible members of their communities.

Respect Responsibility Kindness      Integrity        Perseverance


Students thrive and achieve…
...in an environment that is safe, tolerant, and respectful.
...when held accountable to rigorous standards and supported to reach them.
...when they advocate for their own learning and achievement.
...when they are exposed to activities that require critical thinking.

...when they direct their own learning, and are challenged and encouraged to grow.

Here's to a great school year!!  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

EWG Happenings

Image result for pictures of springing forward

It is so hard to believe we are almost over the Winter. This year is flying by. I want to share some of the recent happenings at EWGSH.

The following students were inducted into the National Honor Society on February 27, 2017.
  Hailee Ascenio                                Gabriella Lamoureaux
  Sarah Breshy                                   Chase Lesinski
  Daniel Butler, Jr.                              Rachel Lesinski
  Megan Capwell                               Connor McGrane
  Nicholas Cardolino                          Ryan McKenna
  Matthew Carley                               Samuel Pagliarini                                
  Andrew Catanzaro                           Nicholas Petrarca
  Jaelyn Chaffee                                 Madeline Quigley
  Meagan Connelly                             Emma Shroeder
  Joseph Coutcher                               Mia Speciale
  Samantha Gowdey                           Erin Stewart
  Lacey Griffin                                   Sophia Szabo
  Elijah Hemphill                               Sarah Titus
  Brooke Hopper                                Myranda Waller
  Nolan Johnson                                 Abigail Weber
  Cole Lagasse                                   Thomas Willson
  Aubrey Zuercher

Mrs. Borges took four student leaders to a leadership conference at Wheaton college on March 5, 2017. As busy as they were, they took time away for a picture for twitter. Special thanks to Mrs. Borges and the young ladies for representing EWG so well at the conference.

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Unified basketball will be beginning at the high school. Their first
game is Wednesday, 3/8 at 3:30 in our gymnasium. Come see a game that will warm your hearts and bring a smile to your face.  Go Knights!!