Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Friday!
  It has been a great couple of weeks since my last post. I have had some fun with the students on Twitter with our first "Twitter Hunt" won by Maddie Quigley. She was the first to solve a difficult math riddle (supplied by our Superintendent) that had to be solved to receive a clue to find the hidden Knight I hid on the campus. I want the students to have some fun with their teachers, administrators and each other with a silly game anyone can play. They just have to follow me on Twitter @EWGHigh. We will be having our second game next week. Encourage your children to join the fun and take a well deserved break from their studies to win a prize. 
  I have stated on many occasions what special students we have at EWG and recently I got to see them in action once again. Elena Miceli and Jamie Fitspatrick kept a tradition going by organizing a group of very special upper class students who gave up their time to run a Welcome Breakfast for new students to EWG. It is so hard to move to a new school let alone in high school. It warmed my heart to see such a special event for our new students. Many have come to me to let me know how helpful it was for them. 
  I also found out another student, Thomas Ricciutti, spearheaded a group of scouts, parents, brothers and sisters etc. to cleanup the nature trail behind Metcalf school for use by our cross-country teams. What use to take a weekend for just a small group of people to do was done in just a few hours thanks to Tom's work. Mr. Hamlin, our Jr. High Cross Country Coach (and person that had to spend his entire weekend with a small group prior to the help) was so pleasantly surprised and thankful for the help!
  The two prior examples are just two of the many wonderful things that happen on a regular basis with out students, your children. The students never look for recognition which is why they are just so special. 
 As usual, there is some great teaching and learning going on. Even in the unbearable heat we just had, the students were busy, without complaint, in classes, halls, out among the campus doing everything from capturing film for a video production class to studying scientific terms to making beautiful music. 
  What's coming---Spirit week begins September 28 and closes out with a 2PM Homecoming Football game on Saturday, 10/3 followed by our Homecoming dance that night. 
  I hope you all enjoy the weekend. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

I am so excited to start this new school year off with my own Blog. My hope is to publish every couple of weeks on a Friday so you have a feel for what is going on at the High School.
We have just completed our second week and there are already some great things going on. While popping into classrooms, I see a great deal of student engagement and enthusiastic teachers and staff. Mr. Hamlin is piloting the use of and our students are already number 1 in the state. What a great way to build academic vocabulary through the use of technology.
Our clubs and athletics are off and running. We have our first Football game on Saturday in Westerly. It is an injury fund game, but we are excited to "kick off" a great football season. Next Monday, 9/7, our Boy's Soccer team will be at home at 3:30. Our Girl's Soccer team will be home Tuesday, 9/8 at 3:30 and the Girl's Volleyball will also be home at 6:30 PM. We will then open the home Football season on Saturday, 9/12 at 2PM. If you are looking for some fun, come out and see the teams.
Word on the street is our Drama students will be performing A Christmas Carol this year!!! If you haven't seen the EWG students perform, you haven't seen anything. I will let you know more about that later on.
I attended a brief meeting of new students being invited to apply for the National Honor Society this morning. It is amazing to see how the National Honor Society is growing. We certainly have an awesome group of students at EWG.
I plan on spending the long weekend just being a Grammie to my grandson and I hope you will all enjoy the time with your friends and families!